our new audi a6

Easy Traveling

Hello again folks,

My friend from the Philippines Mervz has written a fantastic article for traveling abroad, it covers everything from the airport transfers to becoming a wiser and smarter traveller.

It’s really worth a read if you’re thinking of going traveling this summer, well what’s left of it.

Me and my hubby have just got back from Amsterdam after 2 weeks of touring in our new motor, new motor you say? Why yes…


What is it you ask?

We have brought an Audi A6 black edition (see below photo)

our new audi a6


Anyway less of that and more about travel, if you going abroad any time soon give that article a read as we found It very helpful before we went on our holiday, it actually got us a little more excited.

Hope you find is as helpful as we did.




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For travel functions, they needed to be eliminated from their chairs and loading them in the vehicles. A technical demand for hauling services was realized by the authorities and officials of metropolitan towns consequently wheelchair accessible taxis have been introduced.


The procedure for growth of wheelchair accessible taxis moved to via different testing stages. Such vehicles need a huge space for the lodging of wheelchair. Not many vehicle could undertake such enormous endeavor.


Some cab owners convert their regular vehicle to be available for wheelchair occupants by ensuring alterations in their own vehicles.

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