our new audi a6

Easy Traveling

Hello again folks,

My friend from the Philippines Mervz has written a fantastic article for traveling abroad, it covers everything from the airport transfers to becoming a wiser and smarter traveller.

It’s really worth a read if you’re thinking of going traveling this summer, well what’s left of it.

Me and my hubby have just got back from Amsterdam after 2 weeks of touring in our new motor, new motor you say? Why yes…


What is it you ask?

We have brought an Audi A6 black edition (see below photo)

our new audi a6


Anyway less of that and more about travel, if you going abroad any time soon give that article a read as we found It very helpful before we went on our holiday, it actually got us a little more excited.

Hope you find is as helpful as we did.




Birmingham Taxis

Follower Submission -Why Choose Birmingham City Taxis?

Birmingham City Taxis offers transport for all events, such as private chauffeuring, airport transport, group lodging, company accounts, personal journeys and special events.


Just pick your phone up and inform us when you want our cab services. We’ll pick you up from where you are and take you to a destination safely and quickly. Our drivers understand the ideal paths to choose so which it is possible to accomplish your destination easily.

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airport transfer

Airport Transfers

An airport transfer is a very important thing to consider when you are looking for – and booking – flights. How will you get from the airport to the hotel? How will you even get to the airport in the first place? How do you plan on getting home? An airport transfer can answer all of those questions.


What are Airport Transfers?

An airport transfer is basically a bus or private taxi service that takes you to and from the airport. You can use these transfers to get to the airport from your home or to get to where you are staying from the airport you land at. Airport transfer services are generally run by private hire companies, but sometimes airports own and operate their own transfer services. An airport transfer is a great idea if you’ve had a long flight and don’t like the idea of having to drive. Customers can choose from a selection of cars when they hire a transfer service, with the kinds of cars on offer depending on the chosen company.


A good airport transfer service provides around the clock transfers, a wide selection of cars, and fully qualified and professional drivers. It’s worth doing a little shopping around until you can find a friendly and reliable service for you.


Who can I recommend?

A local company, called Beaufort Airport Taxis Birmingham have never let me down for airport transfers. I take advantage of there meet and greet service every time I check in with them. They are situated 5 minutes from Birmingham Airport which is very handy, I actually find it quite funny as they would never have an excuse to be late ( not that they would be.



What to Expect from an Airport Transfer Service?

  • On Time Everywhere

A good transfer service understands that your relying on their service to get to the airport with minimal stress. You want your holiday to get off on as smooth a start as possible. Rest assured that a good driver arrives with plenty of time to spare to allow for loading and unloading and getting through customs at the airport. Drivers are also courteous and will offer a helping hand if needed.


  • Airport Drop Off

A good airport transfer drops you as close to the airport as possible. Drivers are on hand to help unload luggage and get you through the doors with time to spare. The only things you’d ever have to worry about is checking in and actually boarding the flight.


  • Flight Monitoring and Meet and Greet

Flights are unpredictable at the best of times. It’s common for them to get delayed or even arrive early. This is why most airport transfer services actually monitor flights and adjust their pick-up times based on the latest information. Drivers will always be waiting at the arrivals terminal to get you home no matter when you land.


Find an airport transfer service near you to take away a major stress of traveling. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into getting everything ready on time, so let someone else worry about the transport.

uk airports

The Best UK Airports, Ranked

British travellers that want to get a stress-free start to their holidays should avoid the busier airports in London and try to find a regional alternative instead, at least according to a survey that ranked 15 of the UK’s airports based on how long visitors are waiting for their baggage, how easy it is to check in, cleanliness, and ability to access the internet.


The poll was conducted by the travel comparison website Cheapflights.co.uk. Things don’t look good for London, with the airports in and around the city making up most of the bottom rankings. Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead, and Luton are all low scorers. Luton is actually considered to be one of the worst airports in the UK overall. Scottish airports, on the other hand, ranked higher and get a lot of praise from passengers. Read more

wheelchair taxi

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis

For travel functions, they needed to be eliminated from their chairs and loading them in the vehicles. A technical demand for hauling services was realized by the authorities and officials of metropolitan towns consequently wheelchair accessible taxis have been introduced.


The procedure for growth of wheelchair accessible taxis moved to via different testing stages. Such vehicles need a huge space for the lodging of wheelchair. Not many vehicle could undertake such enormous endeavor.


Some cab owners convert their regular vehicle to be available for wheelchair occupants by ensuring alterations in their own vehicles.

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